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Our industry-leading programs are designed to inspire, equip and keep your business growing. Enhance your leadership qualities, upskill and stay informed to take your own office to the next level.



Management Leadership Program

Leadership is not just about today but also tomorrow. Create your own three-year business blueprint through our Management Leadership Program to prepare your business for 2020 and beyond. This three-day intensive course also teaches how to build a positive office culture and the secrets to retaining the right people. Learn to recognise future business opportunities and grow your business.

You will also learn:

  • Business benchmarking
  • Enhancing revenue
  • Know your numbers
  • Businessing lessons for success
  • Impact of KPIs
  • Maximising today’s technology
  • The benefits of business owner’s checklist
  • Develop a daily dashboard for business performance


Business Leaders Forum

Do you know how to coach a winning team? This two-day business leaders workshop is aimed at propelling business growth and reaching new targets. Embrace latest digital technologies, hone your finance modelling and brush up on legislation changes. It also covers a range of topics you may not have considered such as attracting and communicating with Gen Y.

Other topics covered include:

  • Recruitment
  • Data Management
  • Business Culture



Who better to help drive your growth and accelerate business success than a panel of leadership coaches? Our team of industry experts are here to help all our business owners and sales specialists and include one-on-one coaching, live learning and online training modules.

Christine Mikhael 

 “Focus on the things you can control, not the things you can’t, be nimble, learn and move on quickly.” 

With more than 25 real estate industry experience Christine Mikhael is one of Australia’s most respected high-performance coaches. She has successfully run her own successful agency for 15 years often bringing in $3 million commission per year. Christine knows what it takes to create and manage a top performing office.

Peter Gilchrist

“This business should not be your life but rather what funds what you do with your life.”

Having worked with leading agents in the UK, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Peter knows what qualities lead to success. His expertise covers everything from auctions to presentation. He knows about pricing, marketing and business planning. Importantly Peter’s wisdom also includes life balance. Learn resilience techniques that re-energise, promote well being and to bounce back from any hurdles.

Chris Mercer

“Look to build system or procedures that improve your effectiveness. This allows you to use your personal skills in more lasting and productive ways.”

With 20 years as a chartered accountant, Chris Mercer is an expert in preparing, reviewing and planning financial accountants as well as budgeting. The founder of Live Real Estate Accounts has specialised in the real estate industry since 2001. His business model has been adopted by hundreds of agencies.

Josh Phegan

“Our purpose is to inspire agents to achieve their potential and financial freedom.”

Internationally renowned speaker, trainer and coach, Josh Phegan is in demand sharing his tips for generating leads and maintaining momentum in this changing market place. He is able to provide ways to break down any obstacles that may prevent success. Learn how to read not just the market but also buyers and sellers.



At LJ Hooker, we proudly leverage the most advanced digital training platform in Australia. This cutting edge system, titled RealEdge, allows us to deliver world best practice training online anywhere, anytime. Created with role-specific modules, this is a convenient method to upskill at your convenience. Our most popular courses include tips on building a winning team.

Other popular online training modules include:

  • How to Quickly Build a More Profitable Rent Roll
  • Next Level Business Management
  • Delivering Great Customer Experience



At LJ Hooker, we understand that the quicker you are established, the quicker you can start growing your business.  As part of our on-boarding process, you will receive one-on-one training and support to ensure your office is ready for business and a whole new world of opportunity.


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