Training Program

Be empowered to become the best agent you can be through our series of comprehensive growth and development courses. Opportunities including national conferences, in-class training events, personalised mentoring sessions to ensure you achieve your full potential and financial freedom.

In 2017, LJ Hooker was awarded with the prestigious Real Estate Business (REB) Best Training and Education program.


At LJ Hooker we share the philosophy that we are all` never too old to learn’.

Every year we host more than 160 training events to enhance the skills of agents and offices. There are always opportunities to further your knowledge at conferences, cell meetings, through mentoring and network nights.

Our annual events include:

IGNITE – This exciting day, held in each capital city across Australia, is open to all our members. This one-day kick start event is aimed at equipping you and your office with all the tools you need to set yourself up for success. It includes keynote speakers, panel sessions with experts and coaches and round table breakouts to share best practice and ask questions.


ELEVATE – Just like the name suggests, this event has been designed to allow you to `elevate’ your potential. The one-day intensive conferences concludes with our famous Night of Stars Gala awards Dinner. This popular and grand event also gives you an opportunity to network and celebrate the achievements of our top performers.
PINNACLE – With a focus on fun, this training opportunity is a blend of training and networking.  It also creates a chance to acknowledge our top performers, awards, competition winners as well as though promoted to `Captains’ and `Admirals’.



Our digital learning and coaching platform called RealEdge is the most advanced digital training platform for real estate in Australia. It delivers world best practice training online which can be access anywhere, anytime. It provides continuous personal development of real estate professionals. With its role-specific modules _ even podcasts _ focusing on topics that will help to accelerate your success.

Among the most popular:

  • Listing presentation from start to finish
  • Best practice for Open Homes
  • Fee negotiation with vendors
  • Creating ultimate customer experience
  • Using tools to maximise productivity



Who better to help drive your growth and accelerate your success than a panel of leadership coaches? Our team subject matter experts are here to help you and your business owner including one-on-one coaching, live learning and online training modules.


Christine Mikhael

“Focus on the things you can control, not the things you can’t, be nimble, learn and move on quickly.”

With more than 25 real estate industry experience Christine Mikhael is one of Australia’s most respected high-performance coaches. She has successfully run her own successful agency for 15 years often bringing in $3 million commission per year. Christine knows what it takes to create and manage a top performing office.


Peter Gilchrist

 “This business should not be your life but rather what funds what you do with your life.”

Having worked with leading agents in the UK, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Peter knows what qualities lead to success. His expertise covers everything from auctions to presentation. He knows about pricing, marketing and business planning. Importantly Peter’s wisdom also includes life balance. Learn resilience techniques that re-energise, promote well being and to bounce back from any hurdles.

Chris Mercer

“Look to build system or procedures that improve your effectiveness. This allows you to use your personal skills in more lasting and productive way.”

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